UFO Phenomenon

According to the results of a new National Geographic survey, over 36% of Americans believe in UFOs. Crucially however the poll failed to define ‘UFO’; meaning that it doesn’t necessarily mean that those who voted ‘yes’ believe such objects to be extraterrestrial in origin. According to the results, 10% believe that they’ve actually witnessed a UFO first hand while nearly four-fifths were under the impression that the government was withholding information on the topic.

In another question voters were asked who they would rather see leading the country in the event of an alien invasion, with Obama winning with 65% of the vote. National Geographic Senior Vice President Brad Dancer was keen however to emphasise that the poll was intended only as a bit of fun and that it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. “We were trying to have a little fun and see if pop culture references have had an impact on people’s beliefs,” he said. “It’s intended as a fun survey of public opinion.”

Thirty-six percent of Americans, about 80 million people, believe UFOs exist, and a tenth believe they have spotted one, a new National Geographic poll shows.

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